Pamela Lynne (sumofcitadels) wrote in adhesiveheaven,
Pamela Lynne

  • Mood: this community alive anymore?

I actually kind of forgot about this community! I'd like to get it active again, perhaps we could start doing a monthly challenge or something to promote activity, or certain theme challenges?

If anyone is still even watching this community, comment here, maybe we could get the moderator to start something, or see if we could vote on a new mod to re-animate this corpse of a community.

But for now, I have some pictures for you guys.

Pardon the cell phone quality...made sometime last summer.

Cupcake purse! Made June 2010

The purse I currently use. Made in December.

This was made this week

This is my most recent, just made earlier today :)
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Your links aren't working properly, but I am still watching the community!

I did look at your stuff though and it was quite cute. The first one is really impressive, I always found shading with tape really difficult. Where do you get the colors from because I've never seen that shade of purple before.

All my stuff is here:
I still watch, but I'm not very creative and have never made anything beyond the standard wallet. Also I don't have money to by tape with. I just looking at the creations. I like the last purse the best. :D
I get all my colors from Wal Mart and/or Michaels Craft Store (Wal Mart is cheaper, but Michaels tends to have all the colors).

As far as shading goes, you really can't use *just duct tape* The yellow in her dress is electrical tape, while the shadows are duct tape. Her skin is 2 layers of masking tape, etc.

And you have some very neat stuff yourself! I'm particularly fond of the cross word wallet and the leaf did you go about putting together the leaf purse, if you don't mind my asking?
Thank you! I just cut out a lot of leaves and sort of layered together. I had to cut some out and make them work around each other.

I get all my tape from those two places too, the purple just looks lighter in your picture and I got all excited that duck tape had a new shade of purple out. Oh well.

What did you use for the music notes inside?

Deleted comment

All fixed. Sorry!
I am also down for the monthly challenges. I don't know who else would do it besides you and I, but I think it would be fun. And I have been in a duct tape funk lately anyway.
I don't do portraits or purses or anything awesome like that, I make wallets every now and then. But I would at least try in monthly challenges lol I recently made a wallet for myself: