joedog158 (joedog158) wrote in adhesiveheaven,

Duct Tape Super Hero Costume

My wife and I attend science fiction and fan related conventions throughout the year. The last Con we went to was this past Halloween and someone joking made the comment of since I am such a "redneck" (see Jeff Foxworthy's definition) "Why don't I make up some costumes out of Duct Tape" And the idea was born. A couple months of researching the interwebs, about $100 of Duct Tape (and related items) later......

The Duct Tape super hero was born. The Cape, Skirt, Mask, and Corset are nearly 99.9% Duct Tape!
Along with the armbands and Boot Accents. (I am also working on her "Super Weapon" a 12' bull whip color coordinated to match the costume and of course made from Duct Tape.)

(I am thinking maybe a little trimming of the mask to show more of her face.)
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