ilovellama (ilovellama) wrote in adhesiveheaven,

Duck tape whip

This is a 12ft duck tape bullwhip I made. I made one before this one but it wasn't very good so I improved on the design and its just as good as a real whip.
I'm selling them for:
regular 8ft $150, 10ft $180, 12ft $215
biggie size 8ft $200, 10ft $230, 12ft $265
The whip in the picture and the video is the biggie size its thicker and heavier so its louder, so loud that it'll make your ears ring sometimes.
The regular size will be the standard thickness of a whip.
I can make them in any of the standard duck tape colors and can do either one color or two color or all four strands different colors
for any info or to place an order please email me at

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